How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [ With No Money Or Website ]

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [ With No Money Or Website ]

hey what’s up life masters this is fucking jameson projects like mastery inside this video i’m not sure if you how you can get started to make money with affiliate marketing from scratch with no money whatsoever and no website so if right now you don’t have any money to start a business with and you’re looking for ways to make money online affiliate marketing is one of the best strategies out there for that i’m gonna share with you a very simple strategy on how to do it now of course if you do have money great that can be a great advantage for you to start your business the right way you can often move faster you can get tools and things that can help you accelerate your growth in your business to make money from it but let’s assume that you have no money whatsoever this is something that i would do if i was starting all over again and i want it to make money online affiliate marketing is a great strategy for it now if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is i should mention real quick what it is affiliate marketing is a process of you are earning a commission by promoting someone else product or service so there’s millions of products and services out there

that are for sale online as you know of course but most of them have what is known as an affiliate program which means that you can join it for free you can promote their products and generate sales for them and they’ll give you a commission for every sale that you generate so depending on the product there’s a different commission struck sure so for example let’s say it’s a digital product like an online course or training program a lot of cases they’ll give you a forty or fifty percent commission on that so if someone is selling a product let’s say for five hundred dollars you can earn a two hundred and fifty dollar commission for every sale that you generate for them cape it’s a physical product most soft and there’s more expenses involved and overhead and there’s less of a margin so you don’t get as high of a commission on a physical product it might be ten percent or five percent i’m in i’ve got videos goes more into physical versus digital products but there’s less commission that you can make with it it really depends on the company and the affiliate program how they set it up

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing [With No Money Or Website]

and what commission they want to give for it so think about most products that you’ve already bought the you already own from home and a lot of them you can be an affiliate for them and you could promote them so for example this camera that i’m filming this on right now there’s a panasonic g h five well i could promote this this camera and earn a commission from every sale because there are certain way websites that have affiliate programs including amazon amazon has one called amazon associates where you could promote products are in a commission from it and ah there’s many different marketplaces and places where you can find products to promote i’m i mean digital products there’s click bank dot com does jamie zoo dot com and there’s many others out there and there’s always private affiliate programs too so with that being said let me just got to share with you the method and the strategy and if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing i’ll invite you to an upcoming master class that i’m doing which is free the links below or go to affiliate marketing mastery dot com so i’m not sure a little bit with you here inside this video to give you the overall structure in the mindset and the approach to this

so to do affiliate marketing successfully you need to find a products right now products that you can promote as an affiliate and it’s a product that is commission of also so meaning that they have an affiliate program the company has an affiliate program a program for this project right now the simplest way that i like to start with this as just looking around my environment and the products that i use and benefit from and the ones that i use and benefit from to see if they actually have affiliate programs so let me give an example many years ago i bought a vita mix blender that if you don’t know what that is it’s one of the best blenders during the world they sell them at costco all the time it’s one of those high end blender is that can do a lot for you you know you can make incredible smoothie is in soups and hummus and guacamole and all this cool things from it and it’s a pretty expensive blender it’s a five hundred dollar blender and when i bought it i saw that they had an affiliate pro

which means that they would pay me a commission for every sale that i generate i think those around seventy five dollars and i thought wow that’s so cool here’s a product that i benefit from every day of my life you know i make my healthy smoothie is every day and i can promote this product and especially share it with other people that can potentially benefit from it if they just right to buy it through what is known as an affiliate link than i earn a commission from it so i’d go to vitamins website is sign up for their affiliate program that give me a link that i can use that will automatically track that if someone clicks on that lincoln they buy the product i earn a commission it automatically tracks it within thirty days so even if they didn’t buy it today and there clicked on the link and they go back to the website twenty five days from now and they buy i earn a commission from that how cool is that so i looked at products around me i looked at the vitamin splendor i looked at my fitbit that i used to always wear you know to track my activities for the day are now use the or a ring which i don’t have it on me right now but i’ve you know

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